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David Nahmias downplays 'flattering' talk of a U.S. Supreme Court appointment

We told you on Monday that Republicans were pointing to Georgia Supreme Court Justice David Nahmias as a potential Supreme Court – if the GOP wins the White House and maintains control of the U.S. Senate.

But in an interview with Denis O’Hayer of WABE (90.1FM), Nahmias himself isn’t impressed. You can check out the entire interview here (and you should), but below we've transcribed the part where O'Hayer peppers Nahmias with queries about the High Court.

Here goes:

Nahmias: I hear that kind of talk every once in a while, and it's very flattering. But it is not something that I think is either very realistic or that I have any focus on. I am very fortunate to have the position that I have. I am on the highest court in the state I grew up in and live in. And I’m happy doing this.

O'Hayer: You wouldn’t be human though, especially since this is the seat held by the person for whom you have clerked, if you didn’t think about it a little?

Nahmias: That court has many things that are good about it, and many things that I think are very difficult. It is not, as some people might say, that being on the Supreme Court of the United States is the greatest job around.

O'Hayer: Justice Scalia seemed to think so.

Nahmias: I think the people who get on the court, having gone through the process, may enjoy it. But it is a very difficult process now.

O'Hayer: But if a president came to you and offered it, you wouldn’t say no?

Nahmias: It’s hard to say no to anything a president offers you. But I don’t expect that will happen. And it’s certainly not something I have any focus on now.

Note: A shorter version of this post appeared in the daily Morning Jolt.

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