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DNC 2016: Five things to know about Jimmy Carter

PHILADELPHIA -- Former President Jimmy Carter is expected to address the Democratic National Convention via video shortly after 7 p.m., after he's introduced by his grandson, former state Sen. Jason Carter, D-Atlanta. Here are five things to know about President Carter.

1. The 39th president of the United States. That's important right there.

2. He has been battling cancer but recently announced the disease appears gone. He and his doctors credited an agressive new treatment that led to state legislation that would make it available to more patients.

3. Carter and his wife Rosalyn  recently celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary.

“It always gets applause when I mention it publicly,” the former president recently recalled. “That’s the surest applause that we get.”

4. Carter has long said the only thing he has left to accomplish is to see guinea worm eradicated world wide. Long been a key goal of the Carter Center, the former president is close to getting his wish.

5. It has been eight years since Carter attended a national convention, when Barack Obama was nominated in Denver. In 2012, Carter also addressed the convention via video.

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