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Donald Trump rejected by Georgia Right to Life

Georgia Right to Life has just become the first major conservative group in the state to look at Donald Trump and give him a big “thanks, but no thanks.”

In an email that just popped over the transom, the anti-abortion group announced that it is going elsewhere in the 2016 presidential contest. From the press release:

Georgia Right to Life (GRTL) PAC today announced its endorsement of Constitution Party candidate Darrell Castle for President.

“America is in political and moral freefall,” said GRTL PAC Director Gen Wilson. “We need someone who understands our founding principles and truly respects the immeasurable value of human life. Darrell Castle is that person.”

Castle, a Memphis, Tennessee, attorney, has clearly stated his support for ending abortion, which has claimed the lives of more than 57 million innocent children since 1973.

“Some candidates support unlimited abortion, while others play word games to sound pro-life,” Wilson said. “It’s time to elect someone who will protect all innocent children.”

I called Wilson to make sure that GRTL’s endorsement was exclusive, and that the group had rejected Trump. Which she confirmed. Said Wilson:

“[Trump’s] track record does not show that he can be relied on. He has flip-flopped on pro-life issues. He has a sister who is a federal judge who is strongly pro-abortion, who he said he would consider for the U.S. Supreme Court. He has said Planned Parenthood has done good things.”

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