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Notes from a mailbox in west Cobb County

If there's anyone who hates the last days before a hot election more than a homeowner on a campaign mailing list, it's the U.S. Postal Service employee stuck with cramming them into mailbox after mailbox.

Below is a culled collection of yesterday's delivery, minus the American Express bill and the free oil change coupon.

You'll notice we have a hot district county commission race in west Cobb -- Acworth City Councilman Bob Weatherford versus former Cobb commission chairman Bill Byrne. It's become yet another Republican establishment versus tea party affair, and may be one reason why Bob Barr, in his 11th District congressional race, has emphasized turning out the Cobb County vote.

This attack from Weatherford tells you that the race is likely a close one:


Not mentioned in the above flyer is Byrne's sponsorship of a private-public, recycling-sorting plant that ultimately failed. But this is Byrne's defense on the matter:


As mentioned, Barr is involved in a come-from-behind effort against former state senator Barry Loudermilk of Bartow County in the GOP runoff for U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey's seat. The northern part of the district, Bartow and Cherokee counties, has an edge in population. That's why Barr has enlisted a healthy portion of Cobb's political structure:


We include the mailer below for the sake of the technology it employs. Barr has accoused Loudermilk of inflating his military record -- accusations on a YouTube clip. But mailers don't show video -- yet. So the Barr campaign has included a QR scan code that -- if a voter has a reading app on his or her smart phone -- directs the voter to the video. An interesting concept -- if it works. (Pardon the ripped corner -- the dog got to it.)


We're assured by the Barr campaign that it hasn't always been so, but in this batch of mail, Loudermilk was positive -- behavior that suggests confidence in his situation:


Below was the only mailer received regarding the U.S. Senate race -- a Jack Kingston attack on Republican rival David Perdue. But the post office will drop off another load later this afternoon:



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