Cobb defers lawsuit over land for I-285 bridge to new Braves stadium


Cobb County will go forward with construction of a pedestrian bridge over I-285 to the new Atlanta Braves stadium, deferring legal challenges to a later date.

The multi-use bridge over Interstate 285 is designed to span more than 1,000 feet — from The Battery, a mixed-use development next to the stadium owned by the Atlanta Braves, to the parking deck of the Cobb Galleria Centre in the Cumberland neighborhood. All that is slated to cost $10 million.

Cobb paid $74,600 for the parcels to Galleria Common Area Associates, a sort of homeowners association for the Galleria. The association, along with tenants and other affected entities, responded with a petition to set aside condemnation, which would revoke the county’s rights to the property.

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"The Bridge is not a valid public use or purpose justifying or permitting the county’s exercise of its strictly construed power of eminent domain," the petition reads. "The Bridge terminates, at the one end, within the Atlanta Galleria, and it has no connection or access to the public road system. Therefore, the Bridge is not being built for public road or transportation purposes."

Bridge to Braves stadium to go forward as Cobb defers legal challenge

A day later, the county clarified that the suit has not been dropped.

“[The parties] agreed to defer all the issues in the condemnation suit to a later date for resolution, allowing construction to continue on schedule,” county spokeswoman Sheri Kell wrote in an email. “All deferred issues would be considered part of on-going litigation.”

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