Hot on the Left: Climate change, a topic the Trump administration is trying desperately to avoid; how natural disasters are making us question the way we build cities

Here is a roundup of editorials that includes the topic the Trump administration is trying desperately to avoid: climate change; how natural disasters, like Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, are changing the way we look at infrastructure and how we rebuild. 

1. Conspiracies, Corruption and Climate

From The New York Times: “When Donald Trump declared climate change a “hoax,” he was just being an ordinary Republican.”

2. After Irma we need to build better cities

From CNN: “It would mean building resilient schools and hospitals that can withstand strong earthquakes and ocean surges. If carried out properly, it means disaster-prone areas already have capacity and expertise -- on location and where it is needed -- after the disasters have done their damage.”

3. Irma reminds us of all we don’t know about the natural world

From The Washington Post: “Yet we still don’t know everything. In the case of Irma, meteorologists and their computers could read the air currents across a hemisphere and forecast the storm’s eventual collision with an air mass that would push it sharply to the north.”

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