Hot on the Left: Restoring trust in free speech, forced childbirth isn’t the American way

Here is a roundup of editorials that includes how we can restore trust in free speech, how a battle for an abortion for a teenage girl, who was in the U.S. illegally, highlights the administration’s support of forced childbirth, and why we should be careful when using the term “White Supremacy.”

1. We need to restore trust in free speech

From USA Today: “The time has come to explore in a thoughtful, deliberative way the state of free speech at our nation’s colleges and universities, students’ once and future relationship with the First Amendment, and what tomorrow holds for engaging people in our democracy.”

2. Forced childbirth isn't the American way — yet

From the Chicago Tribune: “Forcibly commandeering someone’s uterus to advance the government’s purposes may be standard procedure in China, but not in America. In both places, the issue is not whether any pregnant female should have a baby or get an abortion. It’s who should decide.”

3. Be careful who you call a “White Supremacist”

From Bloomberg View: “But if we indiscriminately apply the term to everything from the alt-right white nationalist Richard Spencer, to anyone who thinks that football players should stand for the national anthem … for how long will white supremacy still be considered beyond the pale? What happens if people accused of racism start shrugging off the epithet -- or worse, embracing it? And when another Richard Spencer comes along, how will we convey how dangerous he is?”

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