Is the FBI next in revelations about the infamous Trump dossier? 

A roundup of editorials Wednesday looks at revelations about the Trump dossier, why Jeff Flake had to leave and the decency of Mike Pence. 

1. After Trump dossier revelation, FBI is next

From Washington Examiner: “the importance of the Democrats' involvement in the dossier is that it could be one step on the road to a bigger story. What did the FBI do with the dossier material?”

2. Jeff Flake Authenticates The Party Of Trump

From The Federalist: there is going to be the continued tension between the zombie Reaganism of the older members of the GOP and its post-Trump directive on what their voters want.

3. Rebutting The New Yorker caricature of Mike Pence

From: Pence's sense of danger is limited to ordering a vanilla milk shake to chase his cheeseburger, hold the bacon.

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