The Left calls for the Democrats to get their act together after Donna Brazile’s bombshell

Former Democratic National Committee head Donna Brazile’s new book shines an unflattering light on the Democratic Party. A roundup of editorials Monday takes a look at the uproar over the news. 

Opinions from the Left:

1. Demo-catastrophe: It was worse than we thought, and bigger than Bernie vs. Hillary

From The Salon: Democrats, don’t look for wins in 2018 if you cannot get your act together. 

2. Donna Brazile’s bombshell isn’t that Hillary Clinton rigged the race, but that the Democratic Party blew it

From The Daily Beast: What was Brazile thinking when she pulled back the curtain on the Democrats?

3. The Democratic Party needs to get its act together

From The Washington Post: If you like Trump, you’ll love the next few years if the Democrats don’t right the ship.

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