The left sees tax cuts for the rich, back of the hand for the middle class in tax plan

The GOP has introduced a tax overhaul bill that President Donald Trump says will offer much-needed tax relief to lower and middle-class Americans. Will it? A roundup of editorials Monday takes a look at what’s in the bill.

Opinions from the Left:

1. House tax plan doesn't cut it

From The San Francisco Chronicle: The best thing about Trump’s tax plan is that it will change before it ever has a chance to pass.

2. Surprise! Trump Could Save Millions From GOP Tax Plan

From Bloomberg: Trump’s largest known tax bill was courtesy of the alternative minimum tax. Guess what’s set to get cut in the new tax plan.

3. The GOP Targets America's Most Loved and Hated Tax Break

From The Atlantic: Liberal groups have wanted to drop the mortgage-interest deduction on tax returns, but not this way. 

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