The Left wonders why the U.S. president seems to be cheering for the wrong team

So what do you do with a president who believes the Russian president over his own intelligence community? A roundup of editorials Tuesday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the Left:

1. Trump absolves Putin and shoots himself in the foot

From CNN: Sure, the president may have sounded good on the Asia trip, but the results were just not there.

2. Siding with the enemy 

From The New York Times: Trump won’t acknowledge the crime because Trump was the beneficiary of the crime. Trump won’t insult Russia because it may well be that he was installed by Russia. Trump is as much a Russian project as an American president. 

3. For Trump, the interpersonal is political

From The Atlantic: Forget historic ties and political entanglements, Trump wants to get along with foreign leaders.

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