The Right doesn’t think Trump was ‘played’ in Asia. Just the opposite.

Was President Donald Trump ‘played’ by Russian President Vladimir Putin? A roundup of conservative editorials begs to differ.

Opinions from the Right:

1. Trump was played by Putin? Not compared to Obama

From The American Thinker: Both James Clapper and John Brennan lied to Congress, and these are the men the left wants to hear say Trump was played for a fool?

2. The emergence of two presidents named Donald J. Trump

From McClatchy Newspapers: Trump can do presidential, but it seems to happen only on foreign trips.

3. Hold On: Fox News Reporter Cites The Missed Nuance In Trump's Remarks About Putin And 2016 Election

From Townhall: Was anyone listening when Trump explained his remarks about Putin and what he’s sure he believes?

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