The Right wants to know why the Left stayed silent when it came to condemning sexual misconduct

Democrats could have swooped in to take the lead on reform – at least in politics – when it comes to harassment. Why didn’t they? A roundup of editorials Thursday takes a look at the issue.

Opinions from the Right:

1. Democrats Missed Their Opportunity

From Cook Politics: The Left could have gained the high ground on dealing with sexual misconduct, but they chose to defend the wrong people.

2. Matt Lauer, Fox News, and how tribalism affects the press 

From The National Review: The media took obvious glee in the reports of sexual misconduct at Fox News. Why is there remorse over the end of Lauer’s career? 

3. Matt Lauer and the Decline of Media Authority

From The Wall Street Journal: Are other industries as rife with sexual misconduct as the media and Hollywood seem to be?

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