What these ‘scientifically minded’ tours of Trump Country miss

A roundup of editorials Tuesday looks at what people miss on tours of Trump country, how to reduce gun violence without reducing gun rights and Donald Trump as de-regulator in chief.

1. Trump voters are not animals to be studied by elitists on 'safari'

From The Week: “This is why Trump's "Make America Great Again" was more appealing than the finest Ph.D.-approved 50-point green jobs plan that consulting fees can buy.”

2. Reducing Gun Violence: Suggestions That Do Not Involve Gun Control

From National Review: But gun control is not the only way to reduce gun violence. It’s probably not even close to being the best way. Violence overwhelmingly occurs in specific geographic areas and among a tiny percentage of the population, both of which we can identify in advance.

3. Donald Trump: King of Deregulation?

From the Weekly Standard: Constraining the administrative state is a founding principle of modern conservatism, which holds that economic freedom is necessary to political freedom.

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