Why Donald Trump is more like Ronald Reagan than most other Republicans

A roundup of editorials Monday looks at the economy as Donald Trump and the Republicans work on a tax cut bill.

Opinions from the Right 

1. Most Republicans Wish They Were Like Reagan. Trump Actually Is.

From NBC News: Trump’s active leadership style and his combination of populism with market economics is far closer to Reagan’s words and deeds than anything House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin or Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky offer.

2. Tax Cuts . . . And?

From the National Review: There is room to cut spending. And, if the naïve supply-siders turn out to be right and the growth effects from those big tax cuts end up largely or even entirely offsetting the on-paper revenue loss, then that gives us a very big pile of unexpected money that can be used to pay down the national debt or buy a bunch of new Navy ships, whichever seems most prudent in ten years.

3. Trump's Deregulation Efforts Are Driving Market Dynamism

From Real Clear Policy: the problem of excessive regulation was so severe, and has been such an impediment to economic growth, that the mere slowing of new regulations can stimulate substantial new business confidence, investment, and hiring. 

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