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Get on the good foot!

A while back I posted video of James Brown, the King of Soul, noting that a new documentary about his life and career was about to be released. I got a chance to watch it last night on HBO, and was transfixed. The video was stunning, including a surreal snippet of Brown in an impromptu duet with Hubert Humphrey of all people. (Hubert does OK!) Another highlight is a cinematic account of an off-stage encounter between Brown and Melvin Parker, who with his brother Maceo was a key member of Brown's band.

In fact, Brown's band is as much a star in the film as the man himself, and as you listen to the music again, you begin to understand why. So here's Maceo, reunited with Brown in 1986 and given a more prominent role, playing a funky instrumental to get your Halloween weekend off on the good foot.

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