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GOP Debate II: Popcorn ready?

So what will we see tonight?

In the absence of an overriding issue of the day, the issue will probably be The Donald, who has remained atop the GOP polls much longer than expected by most people, me included.  It has made a lot of people in the GOP very nervous, and as a result Trump has to expect to be the target of attacks from Jeb Bush, Carly Fiorina and probably others as well. By any traditional measure, he has given them a lot of ammunition to fire at him.

If I were Trump, I'd try to turn that to my advantage.  If he plays it right -- and whatever else you may say, he knows how to play it -- every attack on his candidacy can be used as evidence that the GOP establishment hates him and corporate America is out to get him. That is his Teflon. The more convincing he can be as the champion of the base trying to fight the DC-based party, the better off he'll do.

On with the show ....


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