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A little zombie music to see you into Halloween ....

"They came

from Cherry Log,

north Georgia by the Blue Ridge Mountain line ...

and as they came, they killed everyone in their way."

Wait ... who did? And they did what?

Why, the hillbilly zombies on corn liquor, of course.

According to an emergency declaration just issued from the Georgia's governor's office, after succumbing to a bad batch of 'shine the zombies have made their way south by the hundred, apparently lurching and munching through Ellijay and Jasper and then onto Marietta, and then ... well:

The band, Deadbolt, is a self-described "psychobilly" band out of San Diego. How they ended up doing a song featuring a nice little community like Cherry Log, Georgia I have no idea. Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend folks.

And be careful, it can get weird out there!

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