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Newt admits he's backing an undisciplined, lazy child

"What Trump has got to understand, he's got to sing either 'I Got To Be Me' or he's got to order a new song, 'I've Got To Be President.' They're not the same song. He's got to become much more disciplined. For a while there, I thought he had really turned a corner. This last week, I think has been, frankly, a lost week. A week which has hurt him. Which has shaken his own supporters. You can't tweet at 3 o'clock in the morning. Period. There's no excuse. Ever. Not if you're going to be president of the United States. He's really got to decide...."

"It can't be lackadaisical. He's got to decide that saving America and making America great again is worth his subordinating himself to the difficult process of becoming president of the United States.... I really hope that this is a wakeup call for him. Quit tweeting without somebody looking over your shoulder. Don't ever tweet late at night. And prepare to really study and get ready for a serious debate."

That's Newt Gingrich, talking Friday night with Sean Hannity about their preferred candidate to be president of the United States. And basically, it amounts to a remarkable public confession. Gingrich admits in those remarks that the man whom they want to elevate to the White House lacks all discipline, cannot be trusted without adult supervision, won't submit to adult supervision, is too lazy to do the work that is required and places the gratification of his own ego over the interests of the country.

They want him to change all that, at least for the next 38 days.

The man whom they're discussing in such terms is 70 years old. He's not going to change his basic nature; he has shown neither the willingness nor the capability of doing so.  But they just want him to hide that basic nature long enough to smuggle him past the voters on Nov. 8.

And after that? After that, they don't really seem to care. Because you know, they're patriots.

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