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Opinion: Raw sounds from across the pond

This is a little raw and probably won't be for everyone, but I love several of the cuts off their new album, most of which contain words that can't be posted here. The duo is Sleaford Mods, from the UK, and their direct, raw approach is a big part of their appeal.

If you're curious about the reference to BHS, so was I. Here's the explanation, offered by the group's publicist:

"BHS (British Home Stores) was a chain of department stores in the UK controlled by Sir Philip Green, the chairman of Arcadia Group, which also owns Topshop, among others. The chain was shuttered in the summer of 2016, and 11,000 jobs were lost, as well as £571 million from the pension fund, leaving 22,000 former employees without retirement income. Having taken £400 million in dividends from the failed retailer, Green was sailing the Mediterranean on a newly purchased super-yacht as the last stores closed."

Have a great weekend.

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