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Posing as champion of veterans, Trump instead tried to stiff them

For months now, Donald Trump has been bragging to voters about the $1 million that he had personally donated to American veterans groups, part of an alleged $6 million that he claimed to have raised at a veterans rally back in January.

“Our veterans have been treated like third-class citizens and it is my great honor to support them with this $1 million contribution,” Trump said at the time. “They are truly incredible people. We are going to strengthen our military, take care of our vets and make American great again.”

When asked this week by the press to document that he had actually given that $1 million, or to identify the group(s) that received it, Trump grew irate, accusing the media of attacking him.

But Donald was lying. While he reveled in the public glory of donating to these "truly incredible people," while he repeated the claim about his largess in speeches, campaign appearances and TV interviews all around the country, while he used veterans as a prop for his own ambitions, the reality was that this alleged multi-billionaire had stiffed the veterans and had made no such contribution.¹

None. As in zero. And he almost got away with it. Only after that "dishonest and disgusting media" began closing in on him was Trump finally forced to cough up the cash, contacting the Marine Corps Law-Enforcement Foundation on Monday night to tell them to expect a check that will be delivered today.

Supposedly. If it doesn't bounce.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me remind you again: The man who would use veterans in such a fashion is the presumptive nominee of the Republican Party to be president of the United States.


¹The behavior is consistent with Trump's previous claims of charitable giving. His campaign claimed that he had given more than $100 million to charities in the past five years. After the Washington Post dug into those gifts, it discovered that the real amount of money donated by Trump himself was zero.

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