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Trump triumphant

Donald Trump's remarkable hot streak continues, in just about every way imaginable.

He did very well on Super Tuesday-- extremely well by the standards of a mortal politician -- in delegate counts and victories. As one indication of the breadth of his support, he won easily in Massachusetts and he won easily here in Georgia. He didn't win everywhere, but damn near. And where he lost, he was still highly competitive.

In his subdued victory press conference, Trump even attempted a lame and unconvincing impersonation of a president, clearly trying to shift gears for the general election yet to come.

But just as important, Trump's opponents in the GOP did well enough -- barely -- to keep hope alive, meaning that they'll stay in the race and continue to split the anti-Trump vote. Marco Rubio will insist that Ted Cruz should quit, for the good of the party and country. Cruz is likewise insisting that Rubio quit, asking him "to prayerfully come together" to defeat Trump.

Based on results, Cruz has the better logical argument to make. Rubio's sole claim to credibility is the support of a desperate Republican establishment that may hate Cruz even more than it hates Trump. The problem is that support is an albatross in this environment, not an advantage.

“No one is going to call for us to get behind [Trump],” Rubio said last night. “They know that the nomination of Donald Trump means the end of the modern conservative movement and the modern Republican Party in a very devastating way.”

Bottom line: Last night represented another major, significant step toward Donald Trump becoming the GOP nominee, with all that portends. And at this stage, there aren't many more steps between here and the finish line.



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