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Bernie Sanders: The perfect socialist

Let's see: Money flows in small amounts from all across the country to a centralized bureaucracy which takes it, spends the bulk of it on propaganda to make people think things are going well, pays a small coterie of advisers very handsomely, pays everyone else far less, and winds up laying off about half of the peons because reality wasn't as good as the propaganda.

Yep, sounds like the track record of socialist regimes to me. From the Washington Post :

"The small-dollar fundraising juggernaut that has kept Bernie Sanders's insurgent White House bid afloat far longer than anticipated has generated another unexpected impact: a financial windfall for his team of Washington consultants.

"By the end of March, the self-described democratic socialist senator from Vermont had spent nearly $166 million on his campaign — more than any other 2016 presidential contender, including rival Hillary Clinton. More than $91 million went to a small group of ad makers and media buyers who produced a swarm of commercials and placed them on television, radio and online, according to a Washington Post analysis of Federal Election Commission reports.

"While the vast majority of that money was passed along to television stations and websites to pay for the advertising, millions in fees were kept by the companies, The Post calculated. While it is impossible to determine precisely how much the top consultants have earned, FEC filings indicate the top three media firms have reaped payments of seven figures.

"Sanders's money blitz, fueled by a $27 average donation that he repeatedly touts, has improbably made the anti-billionaire populist the biggest spender so far in the election cycle. The campaign's wealth has been a surprising boon for vendors across the county who signed on to his long-shot bid. ...

"And the commissions may continue to pile up, even though Sanders's chances of securing the Democratic nomination have been all but extinguished. After he lost four out of the five states that held primaries Tuesday, his campaign began laying off 225 staffers around the country. But Sanders is still actively seeking donations, and has said repeatedly that he plans to press on through the California primary in early June, an effort that could include more expensive advertising. 'So long as we have a path toward victory, no matter how narrow it may be, we'll pursue it,' the senator told The Post on Wednesday."

Take heart, Sanders donors. The dachas these campaign consultants rent to rest and recharge this summer -- while you watch Hillary's acceptance speech, live from Philadelphia! -- wouldn't be nearly as nice if you hadn't scrimped and sent in a few bucks here and there.

Oh, and please send whatever you can -- $50, $25, even $5 -- so Sanders can take the fight against the one-percenters all the way! Otherwise, there may be even more holidays for even more workers ... and no campaign events after dark .

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