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Donald Trump: Right question, wrong answer

Donald Trump has an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal today that hinges on this sentence:

"Let me ask America a question: How has the 'system' been working out for you and your family?"

As you might expect, he describes a series of ways in which the "system" -- some of which we might just call "the rule of law" -- has failed Americans. He also, as is his custom, includes a number of demonstrably false things along the way. One example: It is not true that Ted Cruz "has been mathematically eliminated by the voters." If Cruz were to win all delegates in the remaining states , he would have 1,314 delegates; 1,237 are needed to clinch the nomination. This may be unlikely, but it is not mathematically impossible. Trump also repeats the lie that something was amiss in Colorado's delegate-selection process -- other than his campaign's and supporters' inability to follow the rules that had been set months in advance . This is all par for the course with Trump, who despite his yuuuge ego wants voters to think about everything but him -- when it comes to his own trustworthiness and fitness for the presidency.

So, given his penchant for spreading falsehoods, not only in this op-ed but most every time he opens his mouth, there is another question that ought to asked of those who believe the "system" has failed them:

Why in the world would you believe anything Donald J. Trump says about fixing the system, or anything else?

This is a man who:

In these ways and others, Trump has more in common with the "career politicians" he wants you to blame for everything wrong with the "system."

So, yes, the question is whether Americans are being well-served by the government they have elected. But the answer is not, to anyone who has spent any time considering his history and actions, Donald Trump.

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