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How Republicans and Democrats communicate with black voters in Georgia

It has been alleged that the GOP is the party of "FEAR!" Well, apparently some Democrats and Republicans in Georgia didn't get the memo.

Consider this mail piece (accompanied by another one touting GOP efforts on education reforms including charter schools) sent by a pro-Republican group to the homes of black voters:

And now consider this one from the Democratic Party of Georgia :

Oh, it gets better:


You see, according to Democrats, Georgia is just one early Democratic vote away from having our very own Ferguson situation.

The irony of Georgia's Democrats sending this flyer while some black Democratic activists in Ferguson are campaigning for a Republican candidate is rather rich. Those activists, you see, are questioning the wisdom of a bloc of voters continuing to support a certain party out of habit rather than examining candidates on their merits -- such as, oh I don't know, the merits of having passed legislation that directly benefits said bloc of voters.

I wonder: Do Jason Carter and Michelle Nunn endorse this view of Georgia, held by their party, as a place where racially motivated police violence is just waiting to happen?

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