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Do. Not. Mess. With. Georgia.

If you click the link to the Washington Post story about the above map, you will see that Georgia is not merely top-10 "do not insult." We are tied for the state candidates should be most careful to avoid insulting at all costs.

This "highly scientific" study by the Post's Philip Bump ranked each state according to a formula that accounts for how early its primary is, how many electoral votes it has, how large its population is (that seems a bit redundant with the last one, but we'll take it), and how partisan it is. That combination put Georgia atop the list, tied with Florida -- where, I can say since insults to Georgia are now officially discouraged, Gators wear jean shorts.

Just imagine if Georgia were the big-time ethanol-producing state with an early presidential primary or caucus.*

The good news: Alabama jokes are still permitted. Same goes for Mississippi.

Insults of Kentucky are apparently consequence-free. Ditto West Virginia.

From now on, though, candidates better watch their mouths about everything from Snowpocalypse to the Dukes of Hazzard.

Don't like REM or OutKast or Julia Roberts or Tyler Perry? Don't tell us about it.

Can't stand grits? Actually like Pepsi? Bless your heart -- but zip your lips.

Heck, even jokes about the North Avenue Trade School may now be off-limits ...



*The inspiration for Bump's post was the kerfuffle over Scott Walker's hiring, and subsequent firing , of a consultant whose Twitter history included some not-so-nice statements about Iowa.

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