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Not ready for Hillary? Wait'll you hear this song!

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank attended Hillary Clinton's recent speech at Georgetown, which is more than you can say about nearly everyone else :

"(W)hen it was time for Clinton's appearance to begin Wednesday morning, half of the 700 seats in the place were empty. After a half-hour 'weather delay,' diplomats and VIPs filled a few more chairs, but more than 300 remained vacant when the former secretary of state and first lady walked in wearing a robin's-egg-blue jacket and her signature pants.

"Roughly half a dozen people rose to applaud, and for a terrifying moment it appeared they might be the only ones standing. But slowly, lazily, most of the others struggled to their feet."

He appears to be unimpressed with explanations about why those present, and those who weren't, were unimpressed with Clinton's presence:

"Maybe it was just overexposure. Clinton began by joking that she'd been to Georgetown more in the last couple of years than her husband, who is an alumnus. This got a polite chuckle. A spokeswoman for the university said that this is the last week of classes, so students may be busy preparing for final exams.

"But it has to be a worrisome sign for Clintonistas as they prepare to launch her 2016 juggernaut. President Obama, talking to ABC News's George Stephanopoulos last month about Clinton's efforts to distance herself from the unpopular president, said 'the American people, you know, they're going to want that new-car smell.' Doug Schoen, whose polling firm worked for Hillary Clinton's 2008 campaign and who now is a Fox News regular, contributed his view that his former client lacks that particular scent."

Does that mean donations to Hillary qualify as cash for clunkers?

The last "used car" to have the "new car smell" -- by which I mean someone who was elected to succeed a president in whose administration he served -- was George H.W. Bush. Before that, if you exclude those who first came to the White House via their predecessor's death (LBJ and Truman), it was ... Herbert Hoover, elected in 1928.

If it's novelty she needs, maybe Clinton should stop making speeches and just send this crew on tour in her place. They'll get everyone Ready for Hillary!

OTOH, if you want something you can dance to:

Personally, I don't think any presidential song has really had "it" since "Tippecanoe and Tyler Too."

And people make fun of the tea partyers with the tricorn hats ...

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