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Opinion: And just like that, Steve Bannon's out at the White House

Well, there's at least one thing Donald Trump brought from the private sector to government: The firings come on Fridays. From my news-side colleagues :

"Almost exactly one year after Steve Bannon left his position as executive chair of the conservative website Breitbart News in favor of joining Donald Trump's 2016 presidential campaign, the 63-year-old is leaving the White House.

"The White House confirmed in a statement that Friday would be Bannon's last day as part of the administration."

The details -- did Bannon quit or was he fired? -- and the potential implications -- will he and Breitbart News now go after Trump, or just other members of his senior staff ? -- are still shaking out. But this is yet another seismic shift in the Trump White House, following the departures of Sean Spicer and Reince Priebus (both announced by the White House on Fridays), as well as Michael Flynn, Anthony Scaramucci and others. All for a presidency not quite 7 months old.

In terms of the direction of this administration, as opposed to its operations, this could be the biggest departure yet. Bannon's role was chief strategist, and it is hard to describe the administration's strategy so far as a success. Regarding policy, this White House has too often been adrift. Perhaps Bannon's replacement can help shift the president's focus away from campaign-style rhetoric and toward notching some legislative accomplishments.

Again, it's a bit too early to say. But one thing is clear: Trump is running out of people in his inner circle to fire. The man who went to Washington to turn things upside-down has seen far more turnover inside the White House than outside it. If that doesn't change soon, he won't have too many others left to blame ...

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