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Ready for Hillary to come clean? She sure isn't


Wait a minute ... you mean Hillary Clinton wasn't honest in explaining why she didn't use a government email account? How could this be? From the Associated Press :

"Hillary Rodham Clinton emailed her staff on an iPad as well as a BlackBerry while secretary of state, despite her explanation she exclusively used a personal email address on a homebrew server so that she could carry a single device, according to documents obtained by The Associated Press.

"The State Department released a total of four emails between Clinton and her top advisers as part of a Freedom of Information Act request filed in 2013 by the AP, which sought Clinton's correspondence with senior advisers over a four-year period relating to drone strikes overseas and U.S. surveillance programs.

"While limited, the emails offer one of the first looks into Clinton's correspondence while secretary of state. The messages came from and were sent to her private email address, hosted on a server at her property in Chappaqua, New York, as opposed to a government-run email account.

"They show that Clinton, on at least one occasion, accidentally mingled personal and work matters. In reply to a message sent in September 2011 by adviser Huma Abedin to Clinton's personal email account, which contained an AP story about a drone strike in Pakistan, Clinton mistakenly replied with questions that appear to be about decorations.

"'I like the idea of these,' she wrote to Abedin. 'How high are they? What would the bench be made of? And I'd prefer two shelves or attractive boxes/baskets/ conmtainers (sic) on one. What do you think?'

"Abedin replied, 'Did u mean to send to me?' To which Clinton wrote, 'No-sorry! Also, pls let me know if you got a reply from my ipad. I'm not sure replies go thru.'"

Hey, who among us hasn't replied to an email about a drone strike with our musings about decorative shelves and baskets?

More to the point, who among us, when forced to hold a press conference to address questions about possible improprieties during our time in public office, hasn't stood in front of the cameras and lied -- knowing proof of the lie could easily surface, and soon? And who among us, having been confronted with such allegations, hasn't destroyed relevant evidence -- evidence that wouldn't have been hidden in the first place had we not gone to extraordinary measures to conceal it?

Not to worry. The new rationalization from those Ready (to Rationalize/Deflect/Mislead/Obfuscate/Scream-Sexism-or-Whatever) for Hillary will surely be that Clinton didn't get the iPad until at least a year after becoming secretary of state, and couldn't have been expected to carry two devices in 2009 just because she carried two in 2010, and it depends upon what the meaning of the words "carry" or "at that time" is.

If you're prepared to tote that water, let me ask you: With the Clintons, are you really sure there aren't more inconvenient facts yet to come out, given that it has taken two years of FOIA requests by a major news organization to get a mere four emails sent by a government official?

Are you Ready for Hillary('s Next Shoe to Drop)?

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