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The one thing that wasn't said ...

We're one week into the new commenting policy, and I know some of you have chafed at the fact I haven't allowed comments to go (too) far off-topic. Y'all have been pretty good about things so far, including those few hours Thursday I let go of the reins, so I'm going to try something I'd hoped we'd be able to do: an open comment thread for this Friday.

Even with more frequent posts, I won't cover every topic under the sun. I know it doesn't make up for not being able to comment on breaking events as they happen, but hopefully it goes some way toward making up for that.

Now for the caveat: While I won't be moderating the thread in real time, I will be checking up on it to make sure no one's reverting to old habits of name-calling, etc. Anyone who violates that not only will have those comments removed, but will be less apt to have future comments approved on other threads.

But with all that said, here is your inaugural Friday Open Thread ... take it away!

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