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AJC poll: Most Georgia voters reject ‘America is in decline' message

The majority of Georgia voters believe the country is on the wrong track, but most don’t agree with Republican Donald Trump’s vision of a nation in decline.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution poll tested campaign rhetoric from both Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton without attaching their names.

Voters were asked which vision of America is closer to their own:

Option A: "America is in decline and the issues facing our country today threaten our way of life and demand a president who will establish law and order," a theme of Trump's campaign speeches and his "Make America Great Again" mantra.

Option B: "America is the greatest nation on Earth and is stronger when all citizens are valued and work together to solve our toughest problems," an echo of Clinton's "stronger together" slogan and rhetoric.

About 40 percent of Georgia voters agreed with the Trump-centric viewpoint, including most Republicans and evangelicals. But a majority - 53 percent - said they more closely embrace the Clinton-esque message. That includes nearly three-quarters of Democrats and most independents, a typically conservative bunch.

Another interesting finding: A plurality of voters, 43 percent, say race relations in America are worse than they were 30 years ago, including nearly 60 percent of Georgia Republicans and about half of the state’s white electorate.

The majority of Democrats, meanwhile, say race relations are either the same or better than they were in the 1970s. So do about two-thirds of Georgia black voters.

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