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April fundraising reports roundup for U.S. Senate, Congress

Pre-primary fundraising reports, covering the month of April, are due today for federal candidates. Here's a roundup that we will update as reports come in:

U.S. Senate


Businessman David Perdue put another $1 million behind his candidacy -- increasing his personal contribution to the race to more than $2.6 million. In April Perdue brought in another $219,267 in donations and finished with $467,275 cash on hand.

Rep. Paul Broun -- $142,580 raised, $192,039 spent, $180,843 on hand as of April 30. He picked up the fundraising pace from the first quarter, but still only had enough money for a token television buy.

Former Secretary of State Karen Handel raised $135,000, spent $180,000 and was left with $337,000 cash on hand, continuing her run in the second fundraising tier.

Rep. Jack Kingston -- $291,574 raised, $1,095,636 spent, $1,296,241 on hand. The most prolific outside fundraiser in the GOP field still has plenty of ammunition for the final stretch.

U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey -- $74,661 raised, $1,306,506 spent, $1,212,067 on hand. He hoarded his cash for the end, and now he's letting loose.


Michelle Nunn -- $840,000 raised, and her campaign did not reveal how much she spent or has on hand. That would be slightly ahead of her $2.4 million pace from the first quarter — and money tends to rush in at the end of quarters. In all, she has raised $6.6 million since entering the race in August.

First Congressional District (Kingston open seat)

Pooler state Sen. Buddy Carter (R) -- $41,040 raised, $264,650 spent, $241,745 on hand.

St. Simons Island businessman John McCallum (R) -- $26,911 raised, $226,160 spent, $176,151 on hand.

Savannah surgeon Bob Johnson (R) -- $38,445 raised, $240,418 spent, $206,323 on hand.

Brunswick state Rep. Jeff Chapman (R) -- $5,600 raised, $7,142 spent, $35,798 on hand.

Richmond Hill Realtor Amy Tavio (D) -- $4,131 raised, $6,200 spent, $2,317 on hand.

Savannah UPS supervisor Brian Reese (D) -- $2,820 raised, $2,820 spent, $815 on hand.

Carter, McCallum and Johnson are all blanketing the airwaves with TV ads, and about to the same degree. Carter has the advantage for the final stretch but all three have shown willingness to dip into personal funds.

Fourth Congressional District (incumbent Hank Johnson)

DeKalb County Sheriff Thomas Brown (D) -- $15,100 raised, $72,547 spent, $89,849 on hand.

DeKalb County U.S. Rep. Hank Johnson (D) -- $19,250 raised, $58,442 spent, $53,345 on hand.

The incumbent came out ahead in fundraising but still has less ammunition than the challenger.

10th Congressional District (Broun open seat)

Jackson businessman Mike Collins (R) -- $12,228 raised, $115,512 spent, $110,812 on hand.

Dacula state Rep. Donna Sheldon (R) -- $31,535 raised, $76,554 spent, $82,880 on hand.

Monroe minister and radio host Jody Hice (R) -- $28,334 raised, $36,280 spent, $39,076 on hand.

Milledgeville banker and retired Army Col. Stephen K. Simpson (R) -- $12,670 raised, $24,205 spent, $55,648 on hand.

Lexington attorney Gary Gerrard (R) — $6,674 raised, $18,689 spent, $9,719 on hand.

Athens Marine reservist Mitchell Swan (R) -- $4,451 raised, $5,033 spent, $674 on hand.

Collins and Sheldon are the biggest spenders, while Hice is tapping the grassroots on the relative cheap.

11th Congressional District (Gingrey open seat)

Cassville former state Sen. Barry Loudermilk (R) -- $89,643 raised, $76,924 spent, $89,882 on hand.

Smyrna former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr (R) -- $21,786 raised, $50,328 spent, $96,425 on hand.

Marietta businesswoman Tricia Pridemore (R) -- $24,393 raised, $104,779 spent, $158,258 on hand.

Atlanta state Rep. Ed Lindsey (R) -- $35,810 raised, $395,310 spent, $230,000 self-loan $35,833 on hand.

Lindsey went big with the personal contribution and ad buy, dwarfing all other candidates' spending. Barr, who has been leading public polling, has gotten thrifty, while Loudermilk saw a donor surge and Pridemore utilized her considerable bankroll.

12th Congressional District (incumbent John Barrow)

Augusta U.S. Rep. John Barrow (D) -- $114,429 raised, $42,523 spent, $1,514,163 on hand.

Augusta businessman Rick Allen (R) -- $39,950 raised, $206,331 spent, $200,000 self-loan, $191,401 on hand.

Glenville state Rep. Delvis Dutton (R) -- $14,320 raised, $53,254 spent, $65,420 on hand.

Evans businessman Eugene Yu (R) -- $1,829 raised, $144,311 spent, $89,414 on hand.

Allen continues to pump in his own funds, while Barrow keeps raking it in.


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