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Bernie Sanders pleads with supporters: No protests on the floor of the Democratic National Convention

Fresh from this afternoon's booing of former Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders by supporters unhappy with his request to support presumed party nominee Hillary Clinton, comes reports that Sanders is now personally texting requests that supporters don't repeat the protests on the floor in Philadelphia.

From the New York Times' Live Briefing:

Supporters of Senator Bernie Sanders took a hard turn against Hillary Clinton’s campaign Monday, as the Democratic National Convention kicked off in Philadelphia. Mr. Sanders was met with boos as he asked his fans to support Mrs. Clinton. And protesters borrowed the “Lock her up!” chant from last week’s Republican convention.

Sanders is now reaching out to his delegate whips asking that the protest stop as a "personal courtesy" to him, according to Yahoo News:

Bernie texts his delegate whips: Please don't protest on the DNC floor, via @lizcgoodwin https://t.co/aZhhQklYLg pic.twitter.com/uXHfH2BUCQ

— Colin Campbell (@BKcolin) July 25, 2016

We'll keep you up-to-date on our live blog about the latest developments in Philadelphia. Just click here to access it.


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