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Donald Trump video dominates Sunday morning news shows

ST. LOUIS -- You knew this was coming. After the constant coverage Friday and Saturday of the 2005 video now roiling Donald Trump's campaign, the Sunday morning news shows were always going to be bonkers.

They didn't disappoint.

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was Trump's designated respondent, evident by the fact he hit at least three major programs. His key message: The Trump seen in that video is not the Trump today running for president.

"It’s wrong," Giuliani said on NBC's "Meet the Press." "He understands that now. He has the weight and responsibility of all these people on his shoulders. He’s very apologetic about it. And (he wants to) move to what’s going to be really important 30 days from now."

Giuliani said Hillary Clinton has her own problems with the Wikileaks release last week of e-mails that show the Democrat cozying up to Wall Street and advocating for "open borders" and "open trade" in the western hemisphere while publicly vowing to go after the big banks and to oppose key trade agreements.

"The reality is this is a situation where neither side should throw stones because both sides have sinned," he said.

The discussion came as Politico released what is believed to be the first national poll since the tape was released. In the survey, Clinton leads Trump 42 percent to 38 percent. A similar survey taken October 5-6 had Trump at 39 percent and Clinton at 41 percent.

On CNN's "State of the Union," things got heated between Giuliani and host Jake Tapper.

Speaking of the video, Tapper said Trump is "talking about actions that are sexual assault. He was 59 or 60 when he said it. He’s talking about a feeling of entitlement. He can go up to women and grab them by the vagina and it’s OK. Who did he do that too?"

"First of all I don’t think he did it to anyone," Giuliani said. "It’s just talk. God for bid he without sin throws the first stone."

Tapper appeared stunned.

"I have never said that," Tapper said. "I have never done that. I’m happy to throw the first stone."

Giuliani : "Fact is at times men talk like that. Not all men do. This is not the man we’re talking about today. And maybe the reference to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton is the fact you’re really upset about this but, gosh almighty, there were a lot of things about Hillary Clinton, talking about the women Bill Clinton sexually assaulted sexually abused and that at least put it in context."

Speaking of Bill Clinton, Trump apparently has decided to go after the former president directly. Earlier today he re-tweeted a Breitbart.com report about one of Bill Clinton's former accusers.

Bill Clinton himself was heckled while giving a speech in Milwaukee. An audience member yells out "And you're a rapist!" You can see the video below, but Clinton's reaction was to stare down the man and then laugh it off. "You've got to feel sorry for him," Clinton said. "They had a bad day yesterday so they're trying to make it up."


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