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Jason Carter raises more than $2M in last three months

Democrat Jason Carter raised more than $2 million in the last three months, and has more than $1.8 million in cash on hand. The campaign said it added more than 6,000 new donors between April and June in his quest to unseat Gov. Nathan Deal.

It follows an initial strong showing for the Atlanta state senator, who soaked up $1.3 million in campaign cash in less than two months after he announced his candidacy. Carter’s take during the 11 days after the legislative session’s end led his camp to crow about a five-to-one fundraising advantage over Deal.

He will not enjoy the same advantage this time around. Deal has hit the fundraising circuit hard, including six-figure takes from fundraisers featuring the likes of ex-Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

The key question Carter faces, which we noted at the fundraising deadline last week, is whether this will be enough to stay in the same ballpark as Deal. The governor, who last reported nearly $4 million in his campaign coffers, is expected to post his numbers tomorrow.

If the Carter campaign's burn rate seems high, it's because of the decision to unleash a wave of TV buys to counter the GOP attack ads that targeted his background as a trial lawyer and his stance on Medicaid expansion. Carter's camp said it spent roughly $1.3 million on its ads to introduce the Democrat to voters across the state.

The campaign claims more than 13,000 total donors. We won't see the total figures until tomorrow, but a Democratic operative says that 70 percent of Carter's overall take came from within the state.

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