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A major Cobb County voice weighs in against Nathan Deal's school takeover bid

The heft of a newspaper editorial often hinges upon the geography from which it springs. This morning, the Marietta Dailey Journal - nestled in conservative Cobb County - came out against Gov. Nathan Deal's proposed constitutional amendment to permit the state takeover of failing individual schools. The referendum is on the November ballot.

The editorial characterizes the proposal as a windfall for for-profit charter school entitities:

After commandeering the school, the education czar, appointed by and answerable only to the governor, has a number of options at his or her disposal, from closing the school and firing the principal and teachers to bringing in a for-profit charter school company to run it...

The motivating force for changing the state constitution, we believe, is to allow the state and others access to local education tax dollars.

Under Georgia’s constitution, only the duly elected school board is empowered to raise and spend tax money for education in a local school district, a power that has long been considered sacrosanct.

It should be noted that the MDJ's publisher is Otis Brumby III. His late father, Otis Brumby II, was once chairman of the state Board of Education.

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