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Michelle Nunn calls for five debates against David Perdue in Senate contest

Democrat Michelle Nunn is calling for five debates against GOP nominee David Perdue to be held across the state in the runup to the general election.

Perdue went through a gauntlet of debates and forums almost every week in the months before the GOP's May 20 primary, but he only had one face-to-face debate with his runoff challenger, Rep. Jack Kingston, ahead of last week's vote.

Cynics would say this is Nunn's attempt to shift the conversation away from the 144-page series of memos  leaked from her Senate campaign. But we'll leave that to the cynics.

Perdue spokesman Derrick Dickey said the Republican participated in a dozen debates while Nunn only joined one.

"For her to now talk about the importance of debates shows the complete disingenuousness of her campaign," he said.

We are told that Perdue will likely participate in at least four debates or forums with Nunn, including the Atlanta Press Club debate days before the vote.

Here's what Nunn said:

“Debates are going to be an important part of this race. I think five debates hosted by non-partisan organizations - spread across the state - will offer a good chance to compare the background and record my opponent and I offer in this race, as well as how we would represent Georgia in the Senate. I welcome the chance to engage in these dialogues in front of Georgia voters and hope my opponent will join me in this important process."

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