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Michelle Nunn's second ad marks another step to the center

Democratic Senate candidate Michelle Nunn is up with her second ad this morning, an homage to her "five ways to fix Washington" message that has fast become a key part of her stump speech.

It's part of Nunn's strategy of tacking toward the center even as the crowded field competing for the GOP nomination rush to the right. Notably, like Nunn's first ad, the new 30-second spot doesn't once mention that she's a Democrat.

It's not immediately clear how much money is behind the ad buy, though records show her campaign snapped up more than $70,000 worth of air time on Monday with three of the four major broadcasters in Atlanta. She has the cash to keep it up for weeks to come: Her campaign reported about $3.9 million in the bank at the end of March after its best fundraising quarter yet.

Her latest ad comes as Republican candidates David Perdue, Phil Gingrey and Jack Kingston reserve blocks of airtime ahead of the May 20 primary and heavyweight Super PACs target both Nunn and Republican contenders.

From the script:

"What’s going on in Washington has to stop. Politicians fighting and bickering and too often forgetting about the people they’re supposed to represent.

"That's why I'm for banning members of Congress from ever becoming lobbyists. I don't think congressmen should get paid unless they pass a budget. And no one in Congress should get a subsidy to pay for their own health care ."

We should note that Nunn's health care push riffs on a Gingrey proposal last year that would eliminate the employer subsidy and require most lawmakers and staff to buy health insurance on exchanges.

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