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Nathan Deal's optimistic re-election ad: 'Georgia is on the move'

Gov. Nathan Deal is entering the final stretch of the campaign with the same message he started it with: Georgia is a haven for new jobs.

The 30-second spot, which you'll find above, doesn't mention the oft-repeated claim that Georgia is the number one place in the nation to do business. But it is otherwise similar to Deal's feel-good ads that ran over the summer, with local anchors intoning big economic development deals capped by the governor's sunny message.

The campaign won't say how much it's spending - the buy is "significant" we're told - but we expect pro-Deal ads will be running through the November vote. The Republican Governors Association, which ran $1.5 million worth of attack ads slamming Democrat Jason Carter earlier this year, is widely expected to return to the airwaves later this month.

It comes weeks after a federal report showed Georgia is struggling with the nation's second-highest jobless rate. Carter's campaign has seized on the data as evidence of Deal's poor stewardship of the economy.

“The evidence shows Georgia is falling behind other states," said Carter spokesman Bryan Thomas, adding: "If Gov. Deal thinks this is the best we can do, then it’s clear that Georgia needs new leadership and a new vision for our state.”

The Democratic Party of Georgia also poked fun at the lack of diversity in the ad:

Here's the text of the spot, which is called "Mean:"

Narrator: Georgia is on the move.

[TV anchors rattle off jobs deals]

Narrator: But what's it really mean?

Deal: "People now have hope. Jobs are coming to their communities. It allows families to say to their children, 'If you do get an education, there is going to be a job right here in Georgia that you stay and you can be employed and that way we'll get to see our grandchildren in the process."

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