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New Jack Kingston ad ties David Perdue to Obama

Jack Kingston's first television ad salvo of the runoff features a Barack Obama impersonator singing David Perdue's praises as "my kind of guy."

The spot is a throwback to one Kingston made in the primary in which Obama tells Kingston's voicemail that the Savannah Congressman needs to "back off Obamacare."

In the new spot -- a hat tip goes to Georgia Pundit's Todd Rehm for the link -- "Obama" brings up that Perdue served on the board of a company that got money from the stimulus, served on the board of the National Retail Federation when it endorsed an immigration reform bill and "said he'd raise taxes." (Factcheck.org debunks the last charge here.)

The script:

[Kingston voicemail] "This is Jack Kingston, please leave a message."

["Obama"] "Kingston, this is the president. Ease up on David Perdue. He's my kind of guy. He said he'd raise taxes. You never even voted for a tax increase. Perdue's company took $3 million of my stimulus money. You voted against it. His group lobbied for the amnesty. You killed it.

"Let me be clear: Perdue's my man. An outsider, like me."

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