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One year later: How Donald Trump has transformed Georgia politics

President Donald Trump may be lacking in signature legislative achievements a year after his election victory, but he has one undeniable accomplishment: He has shaped the Republican Party — both in Georgia and nationally — to his will.

Whether it be a matter of respect, compliance or bonhomie, the Never Trump movement among Republicans in Georgia has all but vanished. There are now no outspoken high-profile critics of the president in the upper reaches of Georgia political offices.

Every GOP candidate for governor and virtually every other office in Georgia has pledged his or her support of Trump’s administration and initiatives, even as some privately worry about the federal probe of Russia’s interference in the election. Operatives tell clients there’s no room in the Georgia GOP for a vocal Trump critic.

In short, establishment Republicans in Georgia have come to terms with — or at the very least begrudgingly accepted — Trump’s hard-edged blend of nationalism and populism....

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