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Ossoff campaign has contacted majority of Georgia 6th voters in person

Just how deeply has the June 20 runoff touched Georgia 6th District’s residents?

Consider this: A majority of voters — 54 percent — told pollsters commissioned by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that they have been contacted in person by Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign. About one-quarter have been reached face-to-face by Republican Karen Handel’s backers.

And that barrage of TV ads is having an impact as well — even if many prefer not to admit it. About one-third of 6th District residents report the campaign spots influenced their vote, including almost equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents.

All those deep-blue Ossoff and stark-white Handel signs have their own part to play. About 14 percent of the electorate say their friends’ and neighbors’ opinions make a difference. With margins as close as they are in this race, the neighborly touch could be the difference.

The prevailing sentiment beneath it all: 6th District residents see this race as uniquely important. Whether voters view the election as a way to rebuke or protect President Donald Trump, a bellwether for next year’s midterms or a chance to assert their independence, there’s a consensus that it matters.

The poll shows a majority of the district’s residents — 52 percent — say next week’s vote is more important than past elections, and 45 percent say it’s at least as important as earlier contests. Only 3 percent say it’s less significant than previous votes.

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