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A Plains weekend with Jimmy Carter: Just $20,000 per couple

Jimmy Carter's involvement in his grandson's gubernatorial campaign is about to grow. And all the proof you need is this invitation to an expensive but private weekend with the former president and first lady.

This private, unique opportunity features a tour of the Jimmy Carter National Historic Site, dinner and reception with the Carters, tour of the Downtown Inn with Rosalynn Carter, church service with the Carters and a photo with the Carters.

The price tag is $12,600 per person, or $20,000 per couple. We're told to expect more events building off this fundraiser.

This is not the first time that the elder Carter has helped his grandson's bid for governor. But it's a resounding signal that he will be playing a larger role in the campaign, which will help the grandson raise funds and attract Democratic support.

Expect the team of Republican incumbent Nathan Deal to seize on this as well. It could open the door for attacks that tie the younger Carter to his grandfather's one-term presidential record. Jimmy Carter, for instance, this week announced his opposition to the construction of a new leg of the Keystone pipeline -- the only former president to do so.

Update: As expected, Deal's campaign seized on the news. Deal spokeswoman Jen Talaber said she figured Carter would "continue trading in on his grandfather's name and raising money from big, liberal donors in Hollywood and New York City." She then tied the younger Carter to remarks his grandfather made in a recent media tour for a new book.

Said Talaber:

"Last week, Jimmy Carter accused our country of being the world’s “number one warmonger” and made offensive remarks about Republican voters. Every dollar raised by the grandfather wraps the grandson a little tighter in that cloak of extremism. It’s getting harder and harder for the grandson to maintain the sham that he’s a moderate Georgia Democrat."

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