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PPP poll: Michelle Nunn holds slight edge over GOP Senate foes

WASHINGTON -- Democrat Michelle Nunn is neck-and-neck with four top-tier Republican U.S. Senate candidates in hypothetical match-ups by Public Policy Polling.

The full results of the poll commissioned by liberal group Americans United for Change are here and put Nunn in the lead, but around the 3.9 percent margin for error. She leads Rep. Paul Broun, 42-41, Rep. Phil Gingrey, 45-41, former Secretary of State Karen Handel, 44-40, and Rep. Jack Kingston, 44-42.

The results are a small bump for Nunn from what PPP found in August, when Nunn was either tied or slightly ahead of the GOP field. The automated poll of 640 Georgians recorded an even split of Republicans and Democrats at 38 percent each, with 24 percent classifying themselves as Independent or other. Notably, the sample was 53 percent female.

The crosstabs show limited crossover appeal for Nunn at this point. She captures less than 10 percent of the Republican vote. But she has a stronger hold on Democrats than her potential foes do on GOP voters. The independent vote is close all around.

PPP, a Democratic-leaning outfit based in North Carolina, also polled Kentucky in the same survey, finding Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with a 45-44 lead over Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes. Kentucky and Georgia are the only states where Democrats have any shot to take over a GOP Senate seat this year.

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