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Pro-Amendment 1 group pulls plug on TV campaign outside metro Atlanta

More signs of trouble for Gov. Nathan Deal’s initiative to rescue failing schools: A pro-Amendment 1 group responsible for spending tens of thousands of dollars on Georgia TV stations since September has cancelled all air time outside metro Atlanta, and curtailed its spending within the metro Atlanta market.

The group, which has made its purchases under the name of “Opportunity for All Georgia Students,” had cancelled – as of Tuesday – TV ads scheduled for airing by the top TV stations in Columbus, Augusta, Savannah, Albany, and Macon.

We’re on the hunt for more details. Proponents of Amendment 1 have been swamped in the money race by teacher's groups, but we don't know whether the above means some supporters are pulling the plug on the effort, or merely redistributing resources.

From an earlier Wednesday post: Shortly after Gov. Nathan Deal announced that an industry trade magazine tabbed Georgia as the No. 1 state in the nation to do business for the fourth consecutive year, the Republican drew a dotted line between the passage of his failing schools initiative and future economic development accolades.

“I want to make sure we can continue that,” he said Wednesday, referring to Site Selection magazine’s ranking of Georgia. “And part of that means we have to have a pipeline of educated children who become educated adults and become employees in the businesses that are coming to our state.”

Deal appears increasingly on the defensive about the fate of the Opportunity School District, a constitutional amendment that would allow the state to take control of perennially failing schools.

Teachers groups and other opponents have pumped more than $5 million to oppose the plan, polls show strong resistance from both Democrats and Republicans and more than 40 school boards have come out against it.

Our AJC colleague Ty Tagami has also posted this:

The Cherokee County Republican Party voted “overwhelmingly” Tuesday evening to oppose the constitutional amendment that would create a state-run Opportunity School District, a new state agency that could take over failing local schools and the local tax money that flows to them.


The local GOP chairman explained in an interview why his delegation felt strongly enough about the issue to openly defy the state’s top Republican. The argument against is a lot like the argument in favor, but coming from a different point of view and emphasizing different details. Read more at myAJC.com.


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