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On the perils of going off-script in Atlanta's mayor race

If your campaign canvassers are going to embarrass the candidate they're working for, make sure they don’t do it on video. That’s what happened when door-knockers for Peter Aman’s mayoral campaign were caught on tape trying to persuade a Cathy Woolard backer to ditch her candidate.

“Did you see the Cathy Woolard sign in the front?” the homeowner tells the two young canvassers.

“We did, but did you know she’s currently polling in sixth and considering putting her support behind Peter?” one of the two canvassers said.

“She is doing what?”

“She’s currently polling in sixth place and the rumor has it that she’s going to throw her support behind Peter in the runoff,” he said.

The homeowner brushed the two off – and then sent the footage to Woolard’s campaign. It’s now posted on Woolard's website under the headline “Shameless.” She accused the Aman campaign of "trickery."

The canvasser is now unemployed. Aman said that, though he was "contrite," he was promptly fired for going off-script.

“This is not the way we run our campaign, and to Cathy Woolard and her team I apologize,” Aman said on a video he posted to Twitter, adding: “No matter how many times you train people, you have to be ready to hold people accountable who make mistakes.”

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