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Unusual Tom Graves proposal gains steam -- and hits a wall

WASHINGTON -- Georgia Congressman Tom Graves had a plan to aid his Republican colleagues as they prepare to face a wave of angry voters during the upcoming August recess.

President Donald Trump’s supporters – many of whom also make up the political base for GOP lawmakers – are livid at Congress’ glacial pace advancing the White House’s top priorities, including replacing Obamacare, overhauling the tax code and building a wall on the southern border.

So as an upward-bound member of the powerful House Appropriations Committee, Graves pitched an unusual proposal: package together all 12 of the spending bills that collectively fund the government and pass them at once instead of one by one. The rush order would provide the base with some much-needed red meat, proving to frustrated voters back home that House conservatives were acting on their key campaign promises.

The aim was to “show the American people what we believe… and put our best Republican plan forward,” Graves said.

But the Ranger Republican's plan hit a wall this week.

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