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Wait. The Fayette County GOP says purple is our mind control color. Really, purple?

Now, see, I’m supposed to be taking a few well-earned days off to recuperate from the madness past, and to prepare for the madness to come. But a dear reader has pointed me to the message posted Saturday on the blog operated by the Fayette County Republican party. Specificially, from the pen of Chairman Tyrone Jones:

Observe closely as you watch the pundits in the media. They have a silent signal that they send out to one another. They wear purple. The men wear purple neck ties and the women have increased their purchases of purple garments. It’s called "subliminal messaging."

The media in America has succumb to this progressive ideology and is poisoning our society by making listeners believe they are "truth-tellers.” When in fact they are bought and paid for by a faceless group of Global Elites. The media's job is to help lead this country down the path of spiritual, moral and social decadence and destruction by feeding us a daily regime of lies and deceitful rhetoric. The concept is known simply as "mind-control."

This truly, truly hacks me off.

Because I’m positive that the last Bilderberg memo had established Rustic Burnt Orange, recommended by Sister-Sage Martha Stewart, as the most efficient hue for turning brain into tapioca pudding. I mean, what does one do with 15 of these?

By the by, the Fayette County GOP Christmas party is Friday. Do not wear purple. But apparently, Rustic Burnt Orange is perfectly acceptable. Send inquiries if in need of a necktie.

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