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A warning of phone threats made to a Georgia mosque

One of the more disheartening press releases to drop into the inbox today:

The Georgia chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations today called on mosques in that state and around the country to alert law enforcement authorities if they receive threatening phone calls from a right-wing extremist who has repeatedly threatened to attack a Georgia mosque.


In the weeks since June 22, an unidentified male using a Missouri phone number has called a Georgia mosque eight times and left more than 20 minutes of voicemail messages. The caller repeatedly threatens to shoot, bomb, and otherwise attack mosques and American Muslims in general.

CAIR-Georgia included an audio clip of the voicemail messages. We will not pass it on. To continue:

Among many other remarks, the man says:


-- “We are actually gonna come to your mosques and [expletive] blow the heads off of the people that are in your mosques and [expletive] kill you and shoot everybody in your mosques as a mass slaughter. So either way, you sand [racial ephithet] are going to get out of my country…just so you know. And if you think I’m joking, it's going to happen. In fact, I know where you live at.”


-- "The white people of America are going to kill you out of this country. . ."


-- "Now that President Trump is president, I'm going to report your number to the White House and he's going to do something about this....It's not going to be overnight, but I'm telling you. We're going to get rid of you one way or another."


-- "The United States was founded on Christian religion. That's the reason why our American dollar says, In God We Trust. It doesn't say, In Allah We Trust."


The caller's phone number begins with an area code unique to St. Louis, Mo. CAIR-Georgia is not releasing additional information about the caller to in order protect the integrity of any ongoing federal investigation.

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