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What role will Newt Gingrich have in a Donald Trump administration?

He was a short-lister for Donald Trump's vice president. He was one of the mogul's few defenders among the Republican Party's elder statesmen. So what will be Newt Gingrich's reward for his loyalty? We're about to find out.

The former Speaker of the U.S. House from Georgia, whose own insurgent presidential campaign flamed out in 2012, could be in line for a cabinet post. NBC News reports Gingrich as under consideration for Secretary of State, as speculation now turns to the Trump cabinet. (Imagine, for just a moment, the delicious summit between Secretary Gingrich and United Kingdom Secretary of State Boris Johnson.)

But back during the summer, Gingrich said Trump had offered him a senior position and the former Speaker saw himself as more of a waste, fraud and abuse czar --- er, "senior adviser." From The Hill:

“I said I want to be the senior planner for the entire federal government, and I want a letter from you that says Newt Gingrich is authorized to go to any program in any department, examine it and report directly to the president,” Gingrich said Tuesday at a reception sponsored by the law firm Dentons.  

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